Technical description of joining notissimus platform:

  • 1. Platform works on the xml file basis which is used to join yandex market system ( Detailed format of the file can be found there:
  • 2. If you shop has already used yandex market system, as a rule no extra rework is needed from your programmers. If there is no xml file it is necessary to design it according to the specification. We don’t support other formats as work with many clients has allowed us to save time and to avoid unwanted programme errors.
  • 3. It is necessary to point out that the file needs regular updating to reflect the current status of the leftovers. According to our experience it’s enough to update the file once a day for the majority of the companies. However, if your business requires a more frequent updating in the mobile apps we will adjust any sensible updating frequency.
  • 4. Pay attention to the peculiarities of this format while working with different categories of goods – for example, there are special tags for a category “clothes” which describes colour and a size of an item. Please find more details about all these differences by clicking the link in paragraph 1.
  • 5. Once the file is designed we need to receive a URL link with its location from you and after that our platform will automatically download it to our database for processing and further visualization in mobile apps according to an agreed schedule.
  • 6. It’s important – if your business is presented in several regions of Russia and the prices vary, it’s necessary to have several xml files for each region. At this stage we don’t support visualization of different types of prices in different shops of one region.
  • 7. To facilitate retail management especially if they are located in different regions we have developed a special xml format – managing. The idea of this file is that it directs to the links for downloading for each region, provides information about addresses and working hours of the shops, etc. As a rule this file needs only a rare updating and is needed in a single copy. The format is given below:

    Файлы для загрузки:
    Список доступных регионов available_regions.xlsx
    Шаблон магазинов shops_template.xlsx

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <!DOCTYPE notissimus>
    <notissimus date="2013-01-24 17:32">
            <name>Интернет-гипер-маркет МЕТРИКА</name> <!-- (ваше название) -->
            <url></url> (адрес вашего сайта)
                <region>Санкт-Петербург и ЛО</region> (один из ваших регионов, которых может быть несколько)
                <city>Санкт-Петербург</city> (город)
                <url></url> (адрес выгрузки yandex market)
                    <company_shop is_pickup="true"> <!-- is_pickup - если из магазина возможен самовывоз -->
                        <id>1</id> <!-- (идентификатор магазина) -->
                        <region>Орловская область</region> <!-- Регион -->
                        <name>МЕТРИКА № 57</name> <!-- (имя магазина)-->
                        <address>Ленинский пр., д. 95</address> <!-- (адрес магазина)-->
                        <work_time>с 9.00 до 22.00</work_time> <!-- (рабочие часы)-->
                        <latitude>59,85323</latitude> <!-- (координаты магазина эта и следующая строка)-->
                        <emails>;</emails><!-- Email для уведомления дополнительно, если заказ оформлен как самовывоз из этого магазина-->
                        <type>1</type> <!-- (тип магазина, указывается для различных иконок магазина на карте) -->
                        <name>МЕТРИКА № 9</name>
                        <address>Выборгское шоссе, д. 214</address>
                        <phones>8 (812) 3261914</phones>
                        <work_time>с 9.00 до 23.00</work_time>
                        <type>1</type> <!-- (тип магазина) -->
                <phone>+7 (812) 326 1999</phone>
                <description>Для физических лиц</description>
                <phone>+7 (812) 777 7733</phone>
                <description>Для физических лиц</description>
  • 8. To get apps to make maximum profit for your business you need a quality content (descriptions, technical characteristics and images of the goods). All this information is given to us in a xml file – and we recommend to give special priority to this issue. Please note that we upload images “on spot” from your website on the Internet as a user works with the app on his/her mobile device. This approach allows downsizing the app which is important for an end-user but it puts an onus on you to provide the availability of your website on the Internet.
  • 9. Orders (factual shopping cart content) are forwarded to an agreed e-mail. We’re working hard to develop a better structured way of forwarding.
  • 10. If it is necessary to show availability of the good in a certain shop, use the following extra data item in each regional xml file. Please note that we can show the quantity of the goods in the apps as well as indicate that an item is available and can be reserved.

                    <id>1</id> (shop id)
                    <quantity>22</quantity> (quantity of the item in the shop)
  • 11. Once the app is working properly you should offer users of your website (if you have it) to download the app on their devices. The script for indicating visiting your website from Apple iPad follows:

    var isPad = navigator.userAgent.match(/iPad/i) != null;
    var cookieName = "iPad";
    var iPadCookie = $.cookie(cookieName);
    if (isPad && iPadCookie == undefined ){
        $.cookie(cookieName, "checked", { expires: 180, path: '/', domain: "[yoursite]" });
            if (confirm("Перейти к приложению для iPad?")) {
            window.location = "[here app id] ";

    Useful links:
    Detecting an iPad users:
    Cookie library:
  • 12. В этом разделе показаны примеры выгрузки с различными параметрами.

    <yml_catalog date="2014-02-04 17:21">
                <!-- .... -->
                <category id="1">Название категории</category>
                <category id="2" parentId="1" sort="1">Название категории</category> <!-- (sort - как сортируются категории в приложении) -->
                <category id="3" parentId="1" picture="">Название категории 2</category><!-- picture задает изображение для категории -->
                <!-- .... -->
                <offer id="24897329" group_id="56123">
                <oldprice>49999</oldprice> <!-- (цена до скидки или цена в розничном магазине) -->
                <model>KDL 47W808A</model>
                <description>Описание товара</description>
                <param name="Цвет" >черный</param> <!-- (параметр для выбора в корзине) -->
                <param name="Размер" type="size" unit="RU">42</param>
                <param name="Длина (см)">42</param>
                <param name="Ширина (см)">61.2</param>
                <param name="Высота (см)">81.7</param>
                <param name="BadgeImage">4</param> <!-- (наклейка на товаре, идентификатор изображения) -->
                <param name="unit">кг</param>
                <param name="RatingRate">3.43</param> <!-- (рейтинг по 5-ти бальной шкале) -->
                <param name="RatingValues">8293</param> <!-- (количество голосов в рейтинге) -->
                <param name="Sort" Type="1">960018</param> <!-- (сортировка товара по умолчанию) -->
                <comment id="189991" username="Олег" date="2014-01-28 14:53:50">Отличный товар</comment> <!-- (пример отзыва к товару) -->
                <tagIn>1</tagIn> <!-- Теги для создания списков рекомендованных товаров и др. Подробнее о тегах ниже -->

    Для реализации механизма рекомендуемых товаров выгрузку необходимо дополнить следующим:
    В каждом товаре добавить теги, в зависимости от типа. Теги бывают 2-х типов: tagin и  tagout

    <offer id="29855" type="vendor.model">
    <offer id="29857" type="vendor.model">

    Тогда в карточке товара телевизора будет рекомендуемые батарейки, а в карточке товара батарейки рекомендуемых не будет.